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Are you looking for a new take on Black History in your classroom? Our educational programming specializes in connecting the histories of people of color across the globe back to Africa. By showcasing the enormous contribution Africa has made to the development of this world our lesson plans re-write the traditional narrative told of Africa and its descendants. Contact The Sankofa Group today for your tailor made lesson plan.

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Are you looking for a more engaging way to share the story of your museum? Is your staff in need of a training regarding slavery or other “sensitive” historical subjects? Call The Sankofa Group today so we can help take your museum to the next level.

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Do you have a personal collection of papers, books, or photos that you don’t know how to manage? Do you need assistance with organizing your family records? Or training on how to develop your own archive? Call the Sankofa Group today for all your archival needs; we’d love to get you back in order.

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While it is our goal to educate and present the desired material, we believe in action and strive to do more than simply unload information. At The Sankofa Group we deliver engaging presentations that stimulate discussion and encourage community action.

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